Wednesday, September 8, 2010

School has started

School has definitely started.

Wanna know how I know school has started, besides the fact that I have to get up at 6:30am so my kids can leave the house early in the morning and stay away until late in the afternoon? I'll tell ya how I know...

I know school has started because of the MOUNDS of paperwork that I've had to fill out, giving me a severe case of carpal tunnel syndrome in the process. Seriously, do we not live in a technological age when this stuff could (and should) be done electronically rather than by paper and pencil? And think of the number of trees that could be saved!

I also know school has started as a result of the multiple fundraiser information sheets that are currently littering my kitchen countertops, each of them suggesting my kids sell their hearts out so they can score big bucks for their school/Scout program/band program, as well as earn fabulous prizes for themselves if they sell a certain amount.

We just moved here. Who do we ask to buy this junk? And that's pretty much what this stuff is ~ JUNK... overpriced junk at that. Most of these organizations don't offer an online purchase option, therefore we can't send the information to our family and friends in out-of-town locations. I really don't want my neighbors running the other direction every time they see our family approaching. My kids are involved in 3 fundraisers already, with a 4th one beginning today. Who has time to do this fundraising stuff? We have precious little family time as it is, and I prefer to spend it doing something other than peddling cheap merchandise. Let's just cut to the chase here. How much money you want and to whom shall I write my check?

Another indicator that school has started is the numerous organizations that are begging for my involvement. OMG... It's so awesome to be wanted! Wait... I know what that really means. That's code for "Sign up and get sucked in." And if I'm the only person to sign up, that means I've just volunteered to be the coordinator. Go ahead, tell me I'm wrong. I'm more than happy to help in most organizations, but it's completely overwhelming at times. These days I'm very cautious when it comes to volunteering.
I've had it! You hear that, school PTA/band/Scouts? I'm officially stressed out and beyond overwhelmed. UNCLE!